Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I have decided to create a blog about my upcoming trip to Dubai. I leave Saturday evening from Greensboro and will be in flight for a total of 16 or so hours. I am missing a week of classes to attend this conference called Education Without Borders. It's a biennial conference in which students around the world attend to discuss innovative solutions to some of our world's greatest challenges.

I submitted an entrepreneurial idea to enhance my application titled: Implementation of tuberculosis treatment support programs: a culturally conscious approach. The conference committee I suppose decided that they liked my proposal so much that they wanted me to present it. So now I am one of 30 other presenters in a conference of around 1,000 in attendance.

Haven't created my powerpoint presentation yet still trying to wrap up some things with my classwork here. I have informed all of my professors I will be out a week and most of them have been very willing to work with me. I'm pretty excited but I don't think its quite sunk in yet. To be finished before I leave: one exam, a group project, another group project, a proposal for a stipend, and of course I still need to pack.

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